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Wednesday, 31 August 2011 13:59

By: Dawit


You are truly living to the "We report, You judge" motto.

It is indeed a wonderful work. As we have learned through time, the media(specially in the western world) want to sensationalize every news, Create a story out of thin air. It is a matter of survival for them as so many of the news reporting is becoming obsolete with the advancement of blogs and independent citizen reporting.

Yes BBC apologized for Bob Geldof about the misleading reporting they did a while ago but not say a word to real victim (Ethiopian government and people), we know they don't give a damn about us. Please continue to be objective and report as you see it. We can only progress when we think, act and react with progress in mind.

God Bless


By: challa

Good Job Ben.

I am actually happy BBC came out with the report they did because it unites Ethiopians and makes it very easy to differentiate between our friends and foes. Easy to hammer down the enemy you know from within and abroad.

Once you become an enemy of Ethiopian people, good luck in trying to become a friend again. We forgive but we will NEVER forget especially those that tarnish our Motherland!!!!!

BBC helped us (Diaspora’s) see who is actually working for the Ethiopian people.



By: zenbozenbo

Ethiopia First has caught BBC with its pants down? on in its knee. What a catch Ben! Well done Ethiopia first. This kind of sound investigative journalism will keep the bbc likes in line to report only based on the facts not the other way around.


By: TruthFinder

It is a good investigation report but to be hundred percent accurate you should ask the BBC and Dr. Beyene for their take, to say the least you are remarkable persone, you are way a head of the Ethiopian mass media, they just read a report from their desk , but on your side it is a nice work.


By: Girma

just to prove the old and already by all stake holders rejected 2010 report of the so called HRW, on Ethiopia, there remains always some doubt.

I am happy that you proved that there is not a single truth on this shameful and irresponsible Propaganda from the BBC.

Thank you.


By: Tenagareo

This is a job well-done!

The extent you’ve gone to show us the truth is honorable. But as your also a journalist I have to take your words carefully and have my own reservation. I didn’t buy the BBC’s film from the beginning. EPRDF is not starving its own people to stay in power, had they done that they wouldn’t have been sitting in power today. The assumption doesn’t hold. The opposition seems to be out touch with some realities. If the idea is to embarrass the government on the international arena it might have succeeded but on the grassroots level this it will certainly backfire. And those that will pay the price are the local opposition leaders!

But they’ve already distanced from Prof Beyene’s statement. Ben you have to show the Gentleman this film and add his version. I think his “informants” don’t belong even to his own political party. And please add English subtitles so you can reach a larger audience.

Thank You


By: keraman2

Beyne Petros is? clearly a vicious Criminal slanderer. One can easily successfully prosecute Beyene for intentional slander and libel in the courts using the people who were interviewed by BBC. It's obvious BBC and Beyen'e people intentionallly misreprested the statements of the people interviewed and made claims that totally in contradictions to the facts on the ground. The people were interviewed can be witnesses against Beyene in Beyene.


By: TheDasra 

Ben thank you very much brother, Ethiopia? needs people like you, not a distractor with title before his/her name, ........and there is no fear when they speak that is beyond words


By: Denabo

Do you post only those messages which praises u or u accept any cooment as far as it is not disrespectful or as far as it is civil? Pls answer this question!


By: shewiT

Ben: Great investigation work! In today’s Ethiopia, under the current world and regional political mind set, the only way to secure independent system of governance and identity is to become food self reliance. It is sad to see the area that is lush in? vegetable is unable to feed its people. Let the old politicians melt away in peace! Beye, Mesfin and all the old politicians should go away – let new generation replace them!


By: Dawit

Ben, I can't thank you and salute you enough.

You have taught the Media co-orporate [BBC2] a lesson, they salivate to report disaster in Africa, as it is a business for them.

Wish ETV learns from you


By: Wetu Enewta

Dear Ben,

I admire most of what you do, and have done so since the time you started your website and made it available to all of us.

I wish to make two points regarding your investigation into BBC's reports. The first is that, as in your other reports, you were a bit too involved in the story, and sometimes, perhaps, a bit emotional about the topic. Second, if logic is applied to the state to things, what certainty is there that the same people that talked to the BBC did not lie to you as to their comments to the 'ferengies'?

It appears to me that survival in Ethiopia has become an art--an art of making those in a position of authority happy. With cameras in tow, it is conceivable that your subjects may have confused you for an instrument of the state, or it may simply have been that they would put on record only material complimentary to the authorities. After all, if you could trace their faces based on their interview with the BBC, it is possible that the authorities in Ethiopia would just as equally be able trace their faces after their interview with you!

Your heart is always at the right place.


By: keraTf

A supermarket tabloid is more reliable than BBC?


By: Efuye

Ben why don't give them to etv to reach out all ethiopian. with agreement i didn't say free u invest ur knowledge, time,money.


By: Bera

BBC defaming Ethiopia is not same thing new, but Ben you have done a good work by exposing ego BBC reporter like this one.

The reporter has only one agenda in his mind. It is to promote him in eyes of international media by insulting 80 million ppl. Ethiopian People in the name of democracy.


By: Yoo Eth

In my view, You are few of Ethiopian Journalists who understood the real purpose of journalism. I as audience or viewer will have my own judgment.

Thank you and God bless you.

We would like to hear more from you on different issues.

I live in states and also feel sad about most of Ethiopian media in US. But you are doing great,so Keep it up,

I will be more than willing to support such media.


By: Mike

Hi Benicho, pls try to forward this to the bbc. most of the time the board members are more sensible. send under a title of private investigatio or smith.


By: dtad4obama

Dear Ben,

My hats off to you sir. God bless you and Ethiopia. I hope the Ethiopian origins in diaspora will open their eyes and participate in the motherland's progress. Let me suggest that you arrange an interview with Dr. Petros and Gudina and find? out why they should not be put to jail immediately. Their deeds are unacceptable...!!


By: TheDasra

This what I am talking about, clearing the hear say.....BEN great great job...we will see what? BBC2 will say

You should also put English subtitle


By: mon1203

BBC's report about LiveAid was proven wrong by its own country Britian just a year or so ago.

Why exactly do they want from Ethiopia?

If they want the British gov. to stop spending money on aid to Ethiopia, they should just ask their own Parliament to do stop.? They dont need to continue making up lies and abusing another country for their agenda.


By: shewiT

Ben: Great investigation work! In today’s Ethiopia, under the current world and regional political mind set, the only way to secure independent system of governance and identity is to become food self reliance. It is sad? to see the area that is lush in vegetable is unable to feed its people. Let the old politicians melt away in peace! Beye, Mesfin and all the old politicians should go away – let new generation replace them!


By: Tesfu

Ben, I really appreciate your effort and dedication. Please keep it up.


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