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Written by Ben   
Friday, 23 November 2012 19:04

(By: Godefay)

Hi Ben,

I religiously and daily browse your website and refer your website for unbiased news. My friend, thank you for being a source of balanced news. And thank you for doing what you’re trained to do, that is—teach, inform, and entertain your listeners and readers of your opinion pages.

As regards to Tesfaye Gebreab, Ginbot 7, and other shaebia poodles under the wacko Isaiah leach, you should not worry they ain’t deceive us. We know those idiots and fools. They don’t wish any thing good for our country and they ain’t going to win in whatsoever they get themselves involved in. Thanks to websites like and your colleague Mimi Sibhatu, we know better my friend and we are ready to challenge them.

Last Updated on Friday, 23 November 2012 19:29
Ginbot 7 gave its blessing for ESFNA event in Dallas! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ben   
Friday, 11 May 2012 20:30

(By: Ben) I’m not here to pen a blog about the infamous Ginbot 7 (G7), AKA Girgir 7. As we all know, when this organization was formed four years ago, it was hyped to be the king maker or to become a king itself. According to their bravado, all they needed was six months to overthrow the current government and fly to Addis.  As a matter of fact, as silly as it sound, they printed and sold “YeArbegnanet Certificate” for $500.00 each!

In Diaspora, G7 is now pushing ESFNA to a deadly cliff. As we read on Ethiomedia, the Public Relation Officer for Ginbot 7, Ato Ephrem Madebo, calls its disciples to flock to Dallas to attend the 29th ESFNA (Ethiopian Sport Federation in N. America) tournament.  According to Ato Ephrem the reason why G7 calls Ethiopians to go to Dallas is not about sport, but purely on divisive politics. Here follows what he stated in the article: “. . . In fact, this is not even about playing and watching soccer. This is about telling an arrogant dictator that he cannot do to us what he is doing to our brothers and sisters at home.”

For Ginbot 7 folks, the upcoming Dallas tournament isn’t for sport, entertainment, and/ or “bringing Ethiopians together.”  According to the Public Relation Officer for G7, what ESFNA organized in Dallas is “a weeklong freedom march in Dallas, Texas.” Ato Ephrem, the big boss at Ginbot 7, concluded his blessing by saying  “See you all in Dallas. .. Dallas…Dallas…Dallas”.

Last Updated on Saturday, 12 May 2012 06:36
Response to Ben's Point of View: "Yederg Hangover" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ben   
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 14:50

(By: S. Aberra) - I listened to your ‘Ye Derg Hangover’ report and I was disappointed that this happened in the heart of Addis and at a sports venue. I have been visiting your website for over 6 years looking for unbiased ethical reporting. I admired you for you did not hesitate to point out the shortcomings of both the government and the opposition alike. I respected you even when I disagreed for I could see you had good intentions for saying what you say and doing what you do. I found your report on the stadium event to be courageous. But you stopped short of calling a spade a spade. You tried to argue that this was just an isolated incident; that this was not representative of the majority of Ethiopian army officers.

Response to Ben's Point of View - 2 : "Yederg Hangover" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ben   
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 14:54

(By: Alem)


Hello Ben,

I am sorry you had to go through this. When I heard your story, it reminded me of my experience in Ethiopia. I am so glad you defended yourself and kept your pride.

For me, my experience hunts me every time I think about going to Ethiopia. I lost my pride and dignity by Federal Police who swore to serve and protect the public. My sister and I were beaten and put in jail for not opening our hotel room at 1am. They made us walk with no shoes, they called us names, pushed us with their machineguns, ridiculed us like there was no tomorrow.

Netters' feedback on EF's Investigation PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 31 August 2011 13:59

By: Dawit


You are truly living to the "We report, You judge" motto.

It is indeed a wonderful work. As we have learned through time, the media(specially in the western world) want to sensationalize every news, Create a story out of thin air. It is a matter of survival for them as so many of the news reporting is becoming obsolete with the advancement of blogs and independent citizen reporting.

Yes BBC apologized for Bob Geldof about the misleading reporting they did a while ago but not say a word to real victim (Ethiopian government and people), we know they don't give a damn about us. Please continue to be objective and report as you see it. We can only progress when we think, act and react with progress in mind.

God Bless

Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 August 2011 14:41
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