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Written by Ben   
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 21:53

Editor's Note: The political parties' advertisement on ETV is very long & awfully boring! It doesn't attract viewers at all. From what I hear, nobody gives any attention to it.

As always EPRDF's advertisement goes all the way back to Dergue time and it seems like it is the party of the past. EPRDF should polish its message to engage the youth. Opposition parties aren't better than the governing party when it comes to selling themselves. Their presentation is dull & uninformative. They have to convey their message in a very appealing way why voters should vote for them. So far EDP is better than the rest in promoting itself. As there is ample time to correct, I hope they learn from their boring messages they're airing on ETV! I do hope so. (Ben)    



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